Trees 4 Children Tree Nursery

Trees 4 Children Tree Nursery produces high-value dryland tree species that are useful for a wide range of commercial forestry and on-farm forestry applications. See the list of tree species available below and their common agroforestry uses.

The T4C tree nursery is part of Nyumbani Village and is certified organic. All tree seedlings are grown sustainably, using biological sources of fertility and immunity, which produce vigorous and resilient seedlings. Seeds are sourced from specially selected local trees with high-value characteristics. The nursery is staffed by experienced, full-time propagators.

  • Worker watering seedlings
  • Melia seeds
  • Worker propagating seeds

Tree Species Available:

  • Melia Volkensii (Mukau):

    The T4C nursery specializes in propagating Melia Volkensii on a large scale. Melia is an indigenous tree to the drylands of Kenya. It is a very hardy tree, including drought, termite, and disease resistance. It is an especially valuable timber tree because it is fast growing and produces termite resistant and easily worked hardwood. It is also useful for animal fodder (fruits and leaves), honey, and has a thin canopy that does not compete shade crops.
  • Moringa Olifera:

    A highly nutritious tree that produces many edible and medicinal products. The leaves can be eaten as a fresh green vegetable or dried into a powder. They contain high amounts of protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. The seed pods are also edible when young. Seeds produce edible oil and can also be used for water purification. An excellent tree for kitchen gardens. Also drought resistant and fast growing.
  • Agroforestry Trees:

    The nursery produces many types of nitrogen-fixing agroforestry trees that have many values. These trees include Leucaena, Sesbania, Tephrosia, Senna, Cassia, and others. These trees can be used for soil building, animal fodder, fuelwood, bee flowers, shade, windbreak, and other uses. They are excellent choices for alley cropping or establishing fodder banks.
  • Acacias:

    T4C nursery propagates Acacias including Polyacantha and Xanthopholea because of their fast and straight growth, and Tortilis because of the high value wood and animal fodder. Acacias are also nitrogen-fixing and excellent for honey. They are good fuelwood and charcoal trees.
  • Fruit Trees:

    Many fruits are propagated. Depending on the season they may include mango, passion fruit, avocado, custard apple, white zapota, guava, and others. These are excellent choices for kitchen gardens or orchards.

Seed Prices:

Tree Species Price (KSHS)
Melia Volkensii 30
Moringa Olifera 20
Agroforestry 20
Acacias 20
Fruits 30

Trees 4 Children Nursery is located at Nyumbani Village, just off the Kitui Road at Kwa-Vonza. Forestry training and delivery of seedlings are also available for additional fees.

Contact: Wycliffe Munyu, Forestry Foreman

Mobile: 0722261604